Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some students from the tourism department of the university took us to a couple places around town today. Photo post follows (by the way, click any image for a larger version):

Autumn already started.

A statue.

Contemplating Kazakhstan.

Motion blur

WWII, known here as the Great Patriotic War

The "silly" photo with the Beatles.

Wish I'd gone on this thing.

The funicular. One of my favorite words, incidentally.

The sled thingy again.

Emily and the city

You can't rock climb in heels here.

I'm sick of repression under the Regime of Work. (Seriously though, it's a mistranslation of the Russian word "rezhim," which should have been rendered as "schedule.") On top is Kazakh, middle is Russian, and you know which one is English.

I don't know what this thing is, but it liked flowers and had eye spots.

Emily wanted me to take a picture of this tree with my (sort of) long lens.

Looks like the TV Tower in Berlin.

This bird isn't gonna take it anymore.

Autumn again.

Motion blur again.

Duck A

Duck B

Apparently, the "silly" photo a second time. I'm not used to the formatting on Blogger.

Now the real photo. According to what I've read, people in the USSR were also part of Beatlemania.

Autumn yet again.

A rather desolate-looking see-saw. The park is actually rather nice, though.

Emily and Eliza on the swings.

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